Implement Cloud TSS in no time. Quick start.

Implement Cloud TSS on the fly

With the Quick-Start we enable you to test the fiskaly system in no time. The precondition is an active account in the fiskaly Dashboard. You set up the account step by step, so that you have already created your first main organisation as well as the API Key and the API Secret.

Attention! The API Secret is only displayed once during the creation process.

For a more detailed overview of the complete implementation of the fiskaly Cloud TSS, please refer to the fiskademy page Implementing Cloud TSS.

Testing API with Postman

Postman is a popular tool for testing APIs. An intuitive, graphical user interface and little prior programming knowledge are advantages of testing with Postman. In addition, tests that have been carried out are saved and can be repeated.

This gives you the opportunity to test our APIs in detail and gives you a good overview of the interrelationships and processes. Therefore, fiskaly also provides Postman Environment and Postman Collection for testing the fiskaly API. Make sure that you always test with the latest Environment and Collection. This ensures that the latest updates are mapped.

Further steps.


In the fiskaly system, a distinction is made between main organisations and sub-organisations.

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This page provides an overview of how to implement the fiskaly Cloud TSS in five steps.

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Go Live

You have familiarised yourself with the fiskaly Dashboard, created the organisations you need and now want to switch to live operation.

Then you are in the right place.

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