Go live. Test and live modes.

Organisations go live.

You have familiarised yourself with the fiskaly Dashboard, created your required organisations and now want to switch to live operation. Then you have come to the right place.

In the fiskaly system, the default setting is a test mode. The initial activation of main organisations into live mode is done manually. This means that it can take up to one working day to switch your main organisations to live mode. To switch your main organisations to live mode, please contact our sales team and provide us with your organisation ID.

Organisations go live.

1. Where can I find the organisation ID?

In the fiskaly Dashboard in the upper left area, next to the organisation name is an i-symbol: ⓘ. Click on it and a field with your organisation ID will appear.

2. Information needed for live mode

In order to be able to use an organisation in live mode, VAT number, tax number and a correct address are required. This information is already stored in the fiskaly system via the Dashboard or the Management API.

3. Switching test / live mode

As soon as the live mode has been activated for your organisation, a toggle button is displayed instead of the Enable live mode button, with which the mode can be changed. As soon as the live mode has been activated, all actions are carried out in live mode.

4. API Key & API Secret

To make organisations live via the Management API, new API Keys and API Secrets must be generated. API Key and API Secret from the test mode are still valid and can be used for further use of the test mode.

5. Sub-organisations go live

You can activate sub-organisations via the fiskaly Dashboard or via the Management API. For this, the parent main organisation must already be live.

6. Expenses

With fiskaly, only live organisations are charged. Organisations in test mode are completely free of charge.

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