KassenSichV: Advantages of a cloud implementation.

Implementing the German KassenSichV via the cloud is an option that more and more companies are considering. Find out why the cloud solution is optimal in our article.

The German Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF) clarified in its June 2019 application decree on § 146a AO that the German KassenSichV can be implemented using both hardware and the cloud. In this context, more and more entrepreneurs are convinced that implementing the KassenSichV in the cloud is the better option. A cloud solution is not only future-proof but also cheaper and 100% compliant with the law. We show you the advantages of the cloud solution and what you should be aware of.

The advantages of a cloud implementation of the German KassenSichV

1. Reduce costs and save significant investment in hardware

When you choose a cloud-based software solution, you don't need to purchase and install hardware components on-site. The required hardware security infrastructure resides solely with your service provider. The cost of renting a cloud solution is typically far less than the cost of purchasing the hardware, especially when considering field management staffing. In addition, the cloud-based software solution does not incur setup costs compared to traditional hardware solutions.

2. Updates via software update

With a cloud solution, necessary updates are made automatically and cost-effectively. So, if the legislator provides new requirements, the POS software manufacturer will adjust the POS's functions accordingly without any hassle. This should cause few or no additional costs for the entrepreneur.

3. Data is easy to manage and export

The cloud solution is also the better option in the event of a POS inspection. Using exports, the data is made available to the auditor easily and quickly. In addition, you have the data easily available on your dashboard and can easily manage it with just a few clicks.

4. Also suitable for mobile POS system devices such as iPad POS systems

With modern tablet-based POS systems, a hardware solution is almost impossible to implement. With the cloud solution, you can still easily use mobile devices like iPads and smartphones as POS without any worries. By the way, we at fiskaly have a powerful solution that is especially optimal for iOS and Android systems.

5. The connection of third-party service providers is easy

The cloud implementation of the KassenSichV also offers the advantage that other service providers can be easily connected to the POS. Archiving systems, accounting programs, or other tools can be added to your system in just a few steps. Other tools do not interfere with the POS system and can be easily integrated into the ecosystem.

6. No need for TSS re-certification

It is expected that no single TSS will be fully certified by 01/01/2020. Instead, there will be a "provisional approval" by the BSI, which will be valid for 1 - 2 years. It is therefore likely that hardware-based TSEs will potentially need to be replaced within the first 2 years if certification cannot be achieved in time. Since TSS certification must be renewed every 5 years, hardware replacement may be required after 5 years at the latest. If you choose a cloud-based solution, the changes will only be implemented on the solution provider side, and you as a POS manufacturer or business owner will not have to pay attention to them.

7. Change of the POS provider without any problems.

Even if the business owner wants to change the POS system, it can be done easily. Since the cloud-based software solution can be adapted at any time in a few steps, a new POS system will not affect the functionality. Here's what you need to clarify before you decide to go with a cloud solution Are you convinced that you want to implement KassenSichV using cloud-based software? Since there are various solutions on the market, you need to consider a few points in advance.

Is the solution certified?

Currently, the fiskaly Cloud TSS is the only certified Cloud TSS on the market that operates purely via the Cloud and does not require a TPM module as other vendors do. fiskaly meets the interoperability and security criteria of BSI certifications.

Does the stakeholder structure of my cloud solution provider affect my business?

We recommend paying attention to the stakeholder structure of your cloud-based solution. Many providers have strategic investors or shareholders hiding behind them. Future customers of these providers thus run the risk of having to buy additional services from those strategic partners. Independence for our customers is important to us. Therefore, we can proudly announce that there are no strategic co-owners at fiskaly GmbH.

Is the solution scalable?

The scalability of the solution in question is an essential issue to look at in more detail. The cloud solution ensures that the right context is created for your requirements. Especially as a manufacturer, you don't have to worry about cash register maintenance if the solution you choose is scalable. The fiskaly Cloud TSS allows for the greatest flexibility and is quickly scalable in POS count and transaction count.

Where exactly is the data stored?

By law, data may only be stored in Germany. The solution provider must therefore arrange for the hosting of the archiving in Germany. For that reason, take note of whether your cloud solution provider meets this requirement. fiskaly processes the data in highly secure data centers in Germany. Now you have the information you need to make the right decision. We at fiskaly are at your service for further questions and would be happy to present our services to you.