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Receipts made simple.

fiscalization in the cloud has never been easier. PoS manufacturers and vendors rely on our software and APIs to integrate a simple one-click solution, automated management and compliance without hardware

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REST API calls
6+ billion
17+ TB
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All about the German KassenSichV and the fiskaly Cloud TSS

The KassenSichV applies since January 1, 2020. Since then, all POS, accounting, security, and recording systems must be prepared for a TSS (technical security system). With fiskaly SIGN DE, you can implement the KassenSichV simple and compliant with the market-leading TSS.

Test the cloud-based TSS from fiskaly now.

Test the technical security system (TSS) for the KassenSichV from fiskaly now.

About fiskaly

fiskaly is a company that specializes in the fiscalization of records. Experts from technology and finance have developed a cloud-based software solution that makes it easy to implement the KassenSichV and integrate it into existing systems.

The software already includes the required technical security system (TSS) according to BSI TR-03153. Highest security standards guarantee a carefree and uncomplicated solution of the German KassenSichV.

Would you like to learn more about fiskaly? Visit our website at fiskaly.com and get all information about the company.


The most important information about the KassenSichV.

Here you find the latest blog posts and information about the KassenSichV.

  1. Introduction of TSS for Taximeters

    Taximeters and odometers must be equipped with a Technical Security System (TSS) from January 1, 2024. Here you will find further information on what you need to know about the introduction of TSS in taxis.

    Oliver J. Abl
    5 min read
  2. The receipt issuance obligation: background, effects, and alternatives

    The receipt issuance obligation, also known as Belegausgabepflicht or Bonpflicht in Germany, has been in force since January 2020 as part of the KassenSichV. What is this obligation, what is the reason behind it, and how can you stay compliant? The answers can be found in this blog post.

    Victoria Waba
    4 min read
  3. New version of the AEAO: Innovations and requirements for POS providers

    As a POS provider, it is crucial to be up to date on the latest developments regarding the new version of the Application Decree of the Fiscal Code (Anwendungserlasses der Abgabenordnung, AEAO). In our upcoming webinar, we offer you the opportunity to get a comprehensive overview about the innovations and requirements.

    Hannah Roegele
    2 min read
Get Webinar Recording: Application Decree to AO by BMF + Reporting & DSFinV-K Updates in 2023.
  • New version of the Application Decree to the Fiscal Code on Section 146a (AEAO) by the BMF
  • Contents and effects of the AEAO on cash register systems, taximeters and odometers
  • Relevance of the DSFinV-K for cash register inspections
  • Current status of the reporting procedure for cash registers at the tax office

FAQ's about the German KassenSichV.

Ready for KassenSichV?

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