Migration Cloud TSS V2.

Why migrate to V2?

To comply with the legal requirements, you must migrate to V2. For the transition period, V1 of our API has already ensured a very high level of protection against manipulation, but is not certified and therefore does not meet the legal requirements for a technical security device. The certified V2 is further software-based and the certification is valid without restriction until 2029.

Migration to V2

In the video you learn the most important facts about the migration / integration of the fiskaly Cloud TSS V2.

Afterwards, you will have a good overview of the relevant topics of the migration / integration of the fiskaly Cloud TSS V2.

News about V2.

What has changed?

Besides additional steps required in the authentication (PIN and PUK), the fiskaly client and service are no longer offered. We want to keep the implementation as simple as possible. An HTTP client of your choice is sufficient for communication with our API. With the migration to V2, you can expect a revised system that works better and more stable than V1.

What stayed the same?

To cut a long story short: the rest. We have remained true to the principle of our solution and you can rely on proven methods and processes of the fiskaly Cloud TSS as usual.

Blog post about the topic

fiskaly Cloud TSS Migration V1 to V2. Why the migration to the fiskaly Cloud TSS V2 is important and you should definitely implement it now, you will learn in this article.

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Don't waste your time and implement the KassenSichV now.

The fiskaly Cloud TSS V2 is THE certified Cloud TSS from fiskaly. V1 is only supported by fiskaly for a limited time. Don't wait and implement the KassenSichV with us now!

Articles to the topic

Articles to the topic.

  1. QR code replaces legible TSS signature on receipt

    The decision of the Federal Council allows a QR code to be printed as an alternative to the data issued in readable form. This can shorten a receipt and thus save costs as well as resources.

    Oliver J. Abl
    4 min read