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German Kas­sen­SichV

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fis­ka­ly Vision

fis­ka­ly pro­vi­des seam­less fis­ca­liz­a­ti­on for Europe.

fis­ka­ly spe­cia­li­zes in uni­fy­ing the dif­fe­rent legis­la­ti­ons under one roof & offe­ring a one-click solu­ti­on. Our vision drives us to pro­vi­de the best pro­ducts for a one-click fiscalization.

Fiskaly’s team con­sists of tech­ni­cal and finan­cial experts. Since 2015, we have been deve­lo­ping inno­va­ti­ve solu­ti­ons for the fis­ca­liz­a­ti­on of busi­ness cases.

German Kas­sen­SichV

The Kas­sen­SichV — Cash Regis­ter Secu­ri­ty Regu­la­ti­on — is based on the Act on Pro­tec­tion against Mani­pu­la­ti­on of Digi­tal Basic Records of Decem­ber 16, 2016 and came into force on Janu­a­ry 1, 2020.

Requi­red Receipts

Tog­e­ther with the Kas­sen­SichV, the obli­ga­ti­on to issue rece­i­pts came into force in Ger­ma­ny on Janu­a­ry 1, 2020. 


We are fiskaly

fis­ka­ly is your part­ner for fis­ca­liz­a­ti­on: we pro­vi­de the tech­no­lo­gies and fea­tures to fis­ca­li­ze your cash regis­ter and trans­mit rece­i­pts electronically.

The experts for fiscalization

Experts have been working on our solu­ti­ons since 2015. They’­re behind inno­va­ti­ve point-of-sale sys­tems for retailers, busi­nes­ses as well as POS pro­vi­ders — and ever­yo­ne in between.

German Kas­sen­SichV

Kas­sen­si­che­rungs­ver­ord­nung — KassenSichV

Kas­sen­SichV Law

The German Kas­sen­si­che­rungs­ver­ord­nung — also Kas­sen­SichV — is based on the Act on Pro­tec­tion against Mani­pu­la­ti­on of Digi­tal Basic Records (Gesetz zum Schutz vor Mani­pu­la­tio­nen an digi­ta­len Grund­auf­zeich­nun­gen) of Decem­ber 16, 2016, and came into force on Janu­a­ry 1, 2020. In addi­ti­on to pro­tec­tion against mani­pu­la­ti­on, the Kas­sen­SichV also regu­la­tes the tech­ni­cal requi­re­ments for elec­tro­nic record­ing and secu­ri­ty sys­tems, such as cash regis­ter sys­tems, as well as the requi­re­ments for the cash regis­ter receipt.
The so-called fis­ca­liz­a­ti­on of cash regis­ters is not new in Europe. Fiscal sto­rage, for examp­le, has been used in Italy since the early 1980s.

Ger­ma­ny is one of the last coun­tries in Europe to intro­du­ce fis­ca­liz­a­ti­on of cash regis­ters. Until now, finan­ce minis­tries in the EU have not been able to agree on uni­form stan­dards. For examp­le, each coun­try has deve­lo­ped its own fis­ca­liz­a­ti­on rules and the­re­fo­re very dif­fe­rent tech­no­lo­gies are used. 

fis­ka­ly spe­cia­li­zes in brin­ging tog­e­ther the dif­fe­rent legis­la­ti­ons under one roof and offe­ring a one-click solution.

German Kas­sen­SichV

Requi­re­ments for the receipt

The cash receipt

Tog­e­ther with the Kas­sen­SichV, the obli­ga­ti­on to issue rece­i­pts came into force in Ger­ma­ny on Janu­a­ry 1, 2020. This means that every entre­pre­neur must pro­vi­de his cus­to­mers with a rece­i­pt for all tran­sac­tions. This video exp­lains the key points you need to con­si­der when crea­ting receipts.

In the image on the right you can see the sample docu­ment from our video.


fis­ka­de­my Video

The Rece­i­pt

The Kas­sen­SichV spe­ci­fies which infor­ma­ti­on must be prin­ted on the receipt.

You can find out the details in our video The Rece­i­pt.

New! QR code repla­ces TSS signature

On 25.06.2021, the Federal Coun­cil deci­ded that it is now pos­si­ble to replace the read­a­ble TSS signa­tu­re with a QR code. Pre­vious­ly, all TSS signa­tu­re data had to be prin­ted on the rece­i­pt in a human-read­a­ble format.

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