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New requirements of DSFinV‑K 2.3.

New version of the DSFinV‑K

Version 2.3 of the digital interface to the revenue administration for point-of-sale systems (DSFinV‑K) has been published by the Federal Central Tax Office. The DSFinV‑K interface is a legal requirement that must be implemented. The fiskaly DSFinV‑K is easy to implement.

fiskaly solution

With the Cloud TSS fiskaly SIGN DE and fiskaly DSFinV‑K, you have an all-round worry-free package for the KassenSichV from one provider. At fiskaly, we automatically implement the legally binding changes and inform you about relevant updates..

The most important updates

- Change to serial number

- New, supplemented overview of the sales tax keys

- Additional clarifications as well as explanations of certain scenarios

- English translation available — this is not legally binding

- DSFinV‑K 2.3 must be applied by July 1, 2022 at the latest

What is the DSFinV‑K?

DSFinV‑K is the description of an interface for data export from electronic record systems for data transfer. This is required for audits and Kassen-Nachschau inspections. 

What do the changes to DSFinV‑K 2.3 entail?

Here we have compiled brief explanations of the most important changes for you.

Serial number

Previously, the POS serial number was stored in the technical security system (TSS). With DSFinV‑K 2.3, this must now also be stored in the DSFinV‑K. Note: For technical reasons, neither slashes (“/”) nor underscores (“_”) may be used in the POS serial number. 


DSFinV‑K 2.3 contains many clarifications on scenarios concerning the correct integration of the interface.

English translation

The DSFinV‑K 2.3 is also available as an English translation. The translation is not legally binding.

Application regulation

DSFinV‑K 2.3 applies to records made on or after July 1, 2022. Version 2.3 can also be applied before that.

fiskaly DSFinV‑K

fiskaly offers a simple add-on product to the Cloud TSS fiskaly SIGN DE to create statutory DSFinV‑K exports. You can easily integrate the function into your POS system via API. With fiskaly, you have the best partner for the implementation of the DSFinV‑K. We take care of the correct implementation of the legal requirements for you.

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