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Joint cash inspection with tax authorities.

Exchange with financial authorities

As experts in the field of fiscalisation, we are in regular contact with many financial institutions and the responsible persons. We are pleased to be able to conduct this joint exchange in order to implement the introduction of fiscalisation in Germany as efficiently as possible, together with our partners and other stakeholders involved. Accordingly, we would like to share our knowledge and the experience we have gained so far.

Announced cash audit

This week (week 38, 2021) we supported a customer of the POS provider Tentaworks - member of the IGZTK (Interest Group Future-oriented Technology Manufacturers for POS Systems) - during an announced cash register inspection. From the tax authorities, the highest tax authority of a federal state as well as the local tax authority were present in order to clarify open questions from all sides in a short way.

Our conclusion from the joint cash inspection

Tax authorities carry out checks to ensure the use of a TSS and other legal requirements (e.g. implementation of the DSFinV-K). The joint cash inspection was very conscientious. In addition to the audit of general tax-relevant requirements, the use of the TSS and other requirements relevant to the German Cash Security Ordinance (KassenSichV) were of course also audited. A central element of the audit were the prescribed exports, the TAR exports from the TSS as well as the DSFinV-K. For example, LIVE bookings were carried out and then the exports were requested in order to be able to evaluate that these business transactions carried out are also evident in the records. It should be noted that the procedural documentation is an important document and should also explain how financial auditors and taxpayers arrive at the respective exports. This is very helpful for the entire process of the cash audit.

On the operation of the fiskaly Cloud TSS

There were no complaints about the operation of the TSS itself. We are of course very pleased about this. The environmental protection was checked as a sub-step. After the operation of the TSS is carried out by fiskaly, it results that the components worth protecting are outside the access range of the attackers anyway - guaranteed. The higher level of protection of a cloud TSS due to this fact was also clear to the persons of the fiscal authorities.

Procedural documentation

The procedural documentation must contain how taxpayers can create the exports of the TAR files as well as the DSFINV-K export so that they can be handed over to the tax authorities without any problems during the cash register inspection. fiskaly recommends making the exports available directly from the POS system. This is very easy to do via our APIs.


Do you not yet have a solution in your POS system to create DSFinV-K exports? With fiskaly you can easily connect the creation of DSFinV-K exports to your POS system via API. Please contact our sales team: sales@fiskaly.com

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