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Cloud TSS

Soft­ware vs Hardware

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fis­ka­ly Cloud TSS

Cloud based TSS

The Tech­ni­cal Secu­ri­ty System (TSS) can be imple­men­ted 100% com­pli­ant with the law in the cloud.
Try our Cloud TSS now for free and pre­pa­re for inte­gra­ti­on with your exis­ting system.
You are not con­vin­ced yet? Then just read on here and watch the video. 

Cloud TSS signa­tu­re from fis­ka­ly is issued in less than a second. So you cash in today as before.

Advan­ta­ges — Disadvantages

Soft­ware vs Hard­ware TSS

Thetech­ni­cal secu­ri­ty system (TSS) can be ope­ra­ted in two pos­si­ble ways: Via the Inter­net in a cloud or by addi­tio­nal hard­ware at the cash register. 

Modern POS sys­tems often rely on cloud based TSS. Cloud TSEs offer a number of advan­ta­ges over hard­ware TSEs when it comes to fis­ca­li­zing cash registers.

For more bene­fits of our Cloud TSS, see our blog post 10 Advan­ta­ges of Cloud TSS.

Cloud based TSS

The advan­ta­ges of a Cloud TSS are obvious: 

Hard­ware TSS

Dis­ad­van­ta­ges of a hard­ware based TSS are:

test fis­ka­ly Cloud TSS

You can find a step by step guide on how to test fis­ka­ly for free in our blog post test fis­ka­ly for free.

How to best dis­play your orga­niz­a­ti­on in the fis­ka­ly system and best prac­ti­ces can be found here in the fis­ka­de­my in the sec­tion Orga­niz­a­ti­ons in the fis­ka­ly­ver­se.

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fis­ka­de­my Video

fis­ka­ly Dashboard

In this video, we will intro­du­ce you to the fis­ka­ly dash­board and show the work­flow: how to log in and create organizations.

Kas­sen­SichV — Blog

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fis­ka­ly Cloud-TSS certified 

fis­ka­ly Cloud-TSS cer­ti­fied 🚀 The fis­ka­ly Cloud-TSS has now been fully cer­ti­fied by the German Federal Office for Infor­ma­ti­on Secu­ri­ty (BSI)! 🚀 fis­ka­ly Cloud TSS is

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Cloud-TSS Advantages 

10 Advan­ta­ges of Cloud-TSS The tech­ni­cal secu­ri­ty system (TSS) can be ope­ra­ted in two pos­si­ble ways: Via the Inter­net in a cloud or by additional

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Test fis­ka­ly for Free 

Test fis­ka­ly Dash­board Now for Free Con­vin­ce yourself of fis­ka­ly and test our dash­board now for free. Start in 3 Easy Steps 1. visit 2. Sign in

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fis­ka­ly Dash­board and Manage­ment API

The fis­ka­ly Dash­board allows you to easily use all func­tions of the fis­ka­ly system. Through the manage­ment API you can also solve all func­tions of the dash­board programmatically.

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