Kas­sen­SichV: Advan­ta­ges of a cloud implementation

The start of Kas­sen­si­che­rungs­ver­ord­nung (cash regis­ter secu­ri­ty regu­la­ti­on) is get­ting closer every day. The imple­men­ta­ti­on of the new regu­la­ti­on using cloud tech­no­lo­gy is an option that is beco­m­ing more attrac­ti­ve to many com­pa­nies. In our arti­cle we tell you why the cloud solu­ti­on is the best.

Johannes Ferner

Johan­nes Ferner

Unter­neh­mer, Finanz & Technik-Experte

With the app­li­ca­ti­on decree on § 146a AO of June 2019 the German Federal Minis­try of Finan­ce (BMF) has cla­ri­fied  that the Kas­sen­si­che­rungs­ver­ord­nung (cash regis­ter secu­ri­ty regu­la­ti­on) can be solved both by means of hard­ware and cloud imple­man­ta­ti­on. In this con­text, more and more entre­pre­neurs are con­vin­ced that using the cloud solu­ti­on for Kas­sen­SichV is the better option. A cloud solu­ti­on is not only future-proof but also che­a­per and 100% com­pli­ant with the law.

The day on which the Kas­sen­SichV comes into force is rapidly get­ting closer. Now is the moment to decide on a solu­ti­on! We show you the advan­ta­ges of a cloud solu­ti­on and what you shoul watch out for.

Advan­ta­ges of a cloud imple­men­ta­ti­on for Kas­sen­si­che­rungs­ver­ord­nung (cash regis­ter secu­ri­ty regulation):

1. Cost reduc­tion and saving of con­si­derable invest­ments in hardware

If you choose a cloud-based soft­ware solu­ti­on you do not have to buy any hard­ware com­pon­ents and install them. The needed hard­ware secu­ri­ty infra­st­ruc­tu­re is in respon­si­bi­li­ty of your ser­vice pro­vi­der. Costs for ren­ting a cloud solu­ti­on are usual­ly far below than costs for purcha­sing the hard­ware. Espe­cial­ly when con­si­de­ring costs in field manage­ment. The cloud-based soft­ware solu­ti­on does not have any setup costs com­pa­red to tra­di­tio­nal hard­ware solutions.

2. Updates take place via soft­ware update

With a cloud solu­ti­on necessa­ry updates are auto­ma­ti­cal­ly and cost-effec­tively car­ri­ed out.

So if the law intro­du­ces new regu­la­ti­ons the POS sup­plier can easily adapt the new requi­re­ments. This should cause little or no addi­tio­nal costs.

3. The data is easy to manage and export

In case of a Kas­sen­nach­schau (tax audit) the cloud solu­ti­on is the better option becau­se expor­ting the data is simple and quick. The­re­fo­re the tax inspec­tor has easy access. In addi­ti­on the data is avail­ab­le on your dash­board and you can simply handle it with a few clicks. We at fis­ka­ly also offer the pos­si­bi­li­ty to create a tem­pora­ry account for the tax inspec­tor in your dashboard.

4. Also sui­ta­ble for mobile POS devices such as iPad cash registers

With modern tablet-based POS sys­tems a hard­ware solu­ti­on is almost impos­si­ble to imple­ment. With the cloud solu­ti­on elec­tro­nic devices like iPads and phones can easily be used as cash registers.

We at fis­ka­ly have a effi­ci­ent solu­ti­on espe­cial­ly for iOS and Android systems.

5. Con­nec­tion of third-party ser­vice pro­vi­ders easy to create

The cloud imple­men­ta­ti­on of Kas­sen­SichV also offers the advan­ta­ge of con­nec­ting other ser­vice pro­vi­ders to the cash regis­ter. Sto­rage sys­tems, accoun­ting pro­grams or other tools can be added to your system in just a few steps. The other tools do not affect the POS system and can be easy inte­gra­ted in the ecosystem.


6. No recer­ti­fi­ca­ti­on of TSS necessary

It is to be expec­ted that not a single TSS will be fully cer­ti­fied by 01.01.2020. Ins­tead there will be a “tem­pora­ry release” by the BSI which will be valid for 1 to 2 years. The­re­fo­re it can be assu­med that hard­ware-based TSSs will poten­ti­al­ly have to be repla­ced within the first 2 years if cer­ti­fi­ca­ti­on can not be achie­ved in time.

Since the cer­ti­fi­ca­ti­on of the TSS must be rene­wed every 5 years it may be necessa­ry to replace the hard­ware after 5 years. If you choose a cloud-based solu­ti­on upco­m­ing chan­ges only will be imple­men­ted on the TSS provider’s side. You as a POS sup­plier do not have to worry.

7. Change of cash regis­ter pro­vi­der unproblematic

Even if the entre­pre­neur wants to change the POS system, this can be done quite simple. Since the cloud-based soft­ware solu­ti­on can be adap­ted at any time in just a few steps, a new POS system will not impair its functionality.

You have to cla­ri­fy this before you decide on a cloud solution

Are you con­vin­ced that you want to imple­ment the Kas­sen­SichV using cloud-based soft­ware? Since there are dif­fe­rent solu­ti­ons on the market you must con­si­der a few points in advance.

Is the solu­ti­on cer­ti­fied or can it be certified?
At the moment there are no cer­ti­fied solu­ti­ons becau­se the legal frame­work is still mis­sing. Howe­ver, the BMF intends to issue a tem­pora­ry release which the com­pa­nies alrea­dy have to apply for. Howe­ver, they can ana­ly­se whe­ther a solu­ti­on meets the inter­ope­ra­bi­li­ty and safety cri­te­ria for the respec­ti­ve certifications.

Will the sta­ke­hol­der struc­tu­re of my cloud solu­ti­on pro­vi­der affect my business?
We recom­mend that you look at the sta­ke­hol­der struc­tu­re of your cloud-based solu­ti­on. Many pro­vi­ders hide behind stra­te­gic inves­tors or part­ners. Future cus­to­mers of these pro­vi­ders the­re­fo­re run the risk of having to purcha­se addi­tio­nal ser­vices from stra­te­gic partners.
Inde­pen­dence for our cus­to­mers is important to us. Thus we can proud­ly announ­ce that there are no stra­te­gic co-owners at fis­ka­ly GmbH.

Is the solu­ti­on scalable?
The sca­la­bi­li­ty of the respec­ti­ve solu­ti­on is an essen­ti­al topic, which one must regard more clo­se­ly. The cloud solu­ti­on ensu­res that the right con­text is crea­ted for your requi­re­ments. Espe­cial­ly as a manu­fac­tu­rer you do not have to worry about the main­ten­an­ce of the cash regis­ters if the selec­ted solu­ti­on is scalable.

Where exact­ly is the data stored?
Accord­ing to the law data can only be stored in Ger­ma­ny. The solu­ti­on pro­vi­der must the­re­fo­re arran­ge a sto­ring ser­vice loca­ted in Ger­ma­ny. The­re­fo­re you should con­si­der whe­ther your cloud solu­ti­on pro­vi­der ful­fils this requirement.

Now you have the infor­ma­ti­on you need to make the right decisi­on. We at fis­ka­ly are happy to answer any fur­ther ques­ti­ons you may have and would be happy to pre­sent our ser­vices to you.

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