What is the TSS CSP Component?

This arti­cle intro­du­ces the TSS CSP com­po­nent and what they are used for in the tech­ni­cal secu­ri­ty system (TSS).

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What are the func­tions of the TSS CSP component?

The cen­tral secu­ri­ty com­po­nent of the TSS (tech­ni­cal secu­ri­ty device) is the CSP (cryp­to­gra­phic ser­vice pro­vi­der). This is the signa­tu­re unit, which uses cryp­to­gra­phic methods to pro­cess the data to be secu­red accord­in­gly. This pre­vents unde­tec­ted mani­pu­la­ti­on. In the signa­tu­re pro­cess, SMAERS (Secu­ri­ty Module App­li­ca­ti­on for Elec­tro­nic Record Kee­ping System) and CSP talk to each other via secure channels.

Defi­ni­ti­on of CSP accord­ing to BSI

A CSP‑L “ensu­res the inte­gri­ty and authen­ti­ci­ty as well as the com­ple­teness of the elec­tro­nic record by app­ly­ing cryp­to­gra­phic pro­ce­du­res.” (The CSP‑L pro­tec­tion pro­fi­le BSI-CC-PP-0111–2019.) Sim­pli­fied: a CSP‑L is respon­si­ble for crea­ting the signa­tu­re over a document.

fis­ka­ly TSE CSP‑L certified

The BSI has now cer­ti­fied the TSS CSP‑L com­po­nent (Cryp­to­gra­phic Ser­vice Pro­vi­der Light) of the fis­ka­ly Cloud TSS (Tech­ni­cal Secu­ri­ty Equip­ment). The fis­ka­ly TSS CSP‑L is the high-per­for­mance signa­tu­re unit that uses cryp­to­gra­phic methods to pro­cess the data to be secu­red accord­in­gly. This pre­vents unde­tec­ted mani­pu­la­ti­on. The spe­cia­li­zed server sys­tems are ope­ra­ted by fis­ka­ly in highly secure data cen­ters in Germany.

Cer­ti­fi­ca­ti­on iden­ti­fi­ca­ti­on number BSI-DSZ-CC-1153–2021



High-per­for­mance signa­tu­re units are defi­ned via the pro­tec­tion pro­fi­le of the CSP‑L. These are spe­cia­li­zed server sys­tems in highly secure data centers.

In con­trast to the CSP‑L, a CSP is usual­ly a chip, which cannot be ope­ra­ted effi­ci­ent­ly in the grid. A CSP chip is mainly sui­ta­ble for single-user instal­la­ti­ons or “legacy” cash registers.

The net­work-capa­ble vari­ant of the CSP‑L was deve­lo­ped with a spe­cial focus on sca­la­bi­li­ty and effi­ci­en­cy, enab­ling, among other things, higher data through­put and ensu­ring grea­ter reliability.

Both vari­ants are defi­ned by pro­tec­tion pro­files of the BSI (German Federal Office for Infor­ma­ti­on Security).

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