How is the Tech­ni­cal Secu­ri­ty System (TSS) Certified?

The requi­re­ments for the SMAERS (Secu­ri­ty Module App­li­ca­ti­on for Elec­tro­nic Record Kee­ping System) and CSP (Cryp­to­gra­phic Ser­vice Pro­vi­der) com­pon­ents are spe­ci­fied in pro­tec­tion pro­files by the German Federal Office for Infor­ma­ti­on Secu­ri­ty (BSI). Com­pli­an­ce with the spe­ci­fi­ca­ti­ons for each com­po­nent is ensu­red in the course of certification.

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What is a pro­tec­tion pro­fi­le (Schutz­pro­fil)?

The BSI (Federal Office for Infor­ma­ti­on Secu­ri­ty) spe­ci­fies in pro­tec­tion pro­files, which tech­ni­cal requi­re­ments have to be ful­fil­led to achie­ve the goal of the Kas­sen­SichV. The pro­tec­tion pro­files descri­be secu­ri­ty objec­ti­ves and requi­re­ments for secu­ri­ty func­tions of the com­pon­ents. Howe­ver, the pro­duct-spe­ci­fic con­cretiz­a­ti­on is done by the manufacturer.

How is the Tech­ni­cal Secu­ri­ty System (TSS) Certified?

The CSP‑L and SMAERS com­pon­ents are cer­ti­fied inde­pendent­ly. In the pro­cess, an eva­lua­tor (a com­pa­ny accredi­ted by the BSI) checks the com­pon­ents’ com­pli­an­ce with the pro­tec­tion pro­files. The eva­lua­ti­on report is then for­war­ded to the BSI for review. With posi­ti­ve com­ple­ti­on, the com­pon­ents each recei­ve a cer­ti­fi­ca­te. Final­ly, the com­pon­ents in the com­pound (= tech­ni­cal safety system) are tested by the TR test. If the TSS is imple­men­ted cor­rect­ly and accord­ing to the app­li­ca­ble requi­re­ments, it gets cer­ti­fied. There are strong syn­er­gies with the TR test in the eva­lua­ti­on of the SMAERS com­po­nent, i.e., the TR test can only be com­ple­ted posi­tively if the SMAERS com­po­nent has also been eva­lua­ted posi­tively. The­re­fo­re, after recei­ving the SMAERS cer­ti­fi­ca­te, one can expect the final TSS cer­ti­fi­ca­ti­on in a timely manner. The BSI issues the cer­ti­fi­ca­ti­on, which must be rene­wed every five years.

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