Joint cash inspec­tion with tax authorities

Tax aut­ho­ri­ties, POS pro­vi­der Ten­ta­works and fis­ka­ly, as experts in fis­ca­liz­a­ti­on, con­duc­ted a joint cash regis­ter inspec­tion this week. Ther­eby still open ques­ti­ons should be cla­ri­fied. In addi­ti­on, the par­ti­ci­pants lear­ned what really sup­ports tax­payers in order to be best pre­pa­red for the cash regis­ter inspection.

Elias Priesching

Elias Prie­sching

Sales Mana­ger

Announ­ced cash regis­ter inspection

As experts in the field of fis­ca­liz­a­ti­on, we are in regu­lar con­ta­ct with many finan­cial insti­tu­ti­ons and the respon­si­ble per­sons. We are plea­sed to be able to con­duct this joint exchan­ge in order to imple­ment the intro­duc­tion of fis­ca­liz­a­ti­on in Ger­ma­ny as effi­ci­ent­ly as pos­si­ble, tog­e­ther with our part­ners and other sta­ke­hol­ders invol­ved. Accord­in­gly, we would like to share our know­ledge and pre­vious experience.

Announ­ced cash regis­ter inspection

This week (week 38, 2021) we sup­por­ted a cus­to­mer of the POS pro­vi­der Ten­ta­works — member of theIGZTK (Inte­rest Asso­cia­ti­on of Future-Ori­en­ted Tech­no­lo­gy Manu­fac­tu­rers for POS Sys­tems) — during an announ­ced cash regis­ter inspec­tion. From the finan­cial aut­ho­ri­ties, the hig­hest finan­cial aut­ho­ri­ty of a federal state as well as the local finan­cial aut­ho­ri­ty were pre­sent to cla­ri­fy open ques­ti­ons from all sides quickly.

Our con­clu­si­on from the joint cash regis­ter inspection

Finan­cial aut­ho­ri­ties car­ry­ing out con­trols to ensure the use of a TSS and other legal requi­re­ments (e.g. imple­men­ta­ti­on of DSFinV‑K). The joint­ly con­duc­ted cash audit was very tho­rough. In addi­ti­on to the audit of gene­ral tax-rele­vant spe­ci­fi­ca­ti­ons, the use of the TSS and other Kas­sen­SichV-rele­vant spe­ci­fi­ca­ti­ons was also audi­ted. A key ele­ment of the audit was man­da­ted exports, TAR exports from the TSS, and the DSFinV‑K. For examp­le, LIVE tran­sac­tions were per­for­med and then the exports were reques­ted in order to eva­lua­te that these per­for­med busi­ness tran­sac­tions are also visi­ble in the records. It should be noted that the pro­ce­du­ral docu­men­ta­ti­on is an important docu­ment and it should also exp­lain how finan­cial audi­tors as well as tax­payers get hold of the respec­ti­ve exports. This is very hel­pful for the entire pro­cess of the cash audit.

About ope­ra­ting the fis­ka­ly Cloud TSS

There were no com­p­laints about the ope­ra­ti­on of the TSS itself. We are very plea­sed about that, of course. Envi­ron­men­tal pro­tec­tion was review­ed as a sub-step. After the ope­ra­ti­on of the TSS is per­for­med by fis­ka­ly, it results that the com­pon­ents worth pro­tec­ting are out­side the access range of the atta­ckers anyway — gua­ran­te­ed. The higher level of pro­tec­tion of a Cloud TSS due to this fact was also clear to the finan­cial aut­ho­ri­ties’ persons.

Pro­ce­du­ral documentation

The pro­ce­du­ral docu­men­ta­ti­on must con­tain how tax­payers can create the exports of the TAR files as well as the DSFinV‑K export so that these can be handed over to the tax aut­ho­ri­ties without any pro­blems during the cash inspec­tion. fis­ka­ly recom­mends pro­vi­ding exports direct­ly from the POS system. This is very easy to do via our APIs.


Do you not yet have a solu­ti­on in your POS system to create DSFinV‑K exports? With fis­ka­ly you can easily con­nect the crea­ti­on of DSFinV‑K exports to your POS system using the fis­ka­ly API for DSFinV‑K exports. Please con­ta­ct our sales team for more infor­ma­ti­on:

*The infor­ma­ti­on con­tai­ned on this web­site is for gene­ral infor­ma­ti­on pur­po­ses and does not relate to the spe­ci­fic situa­ti­on of any indi­vi­du­al or legal entity. It does not con­sti­tu­te legal or tax advice. In a spe­ci­fic indi­vi­du­al case, the pre­sent con­tent cannot replace indi­vi­du­al advice given by experts. 

Regis­ter now!

online Semi­nar: Lear­nings Cash Regis­ter Inspec­tion + Best Prac­ti­ce V2

In this semi­nar, we will dis­cuss our lear­nings from the joint cash inspec­tion in detail and give you an insight into what you can expect during a cash regis­ter inspec­tion. So you can best pre­pa­re yourself and your cus­to­mers for the visit from the tax office.
In addi­ti­on, we will exp­lain hel­pful tips and best prac­ti­ce imple­men­ta­ti­ons based on our pre­vious expe­ri­ence in migra­ti­on or new imple­men­ta­ti­on regar­ding fis­ka­ly Cloud TSS V2.

Friday, Octo­ber 1, 2021
10:30–11:30 am CEST
Semi­nar Lan­guage: German

Monday, Octo­ber 4, 2021
2:00–3:00 pm CEST
Semi­nar Lan­guage: English

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