About fis­ka­ly

To solve com­plex, tech­ni­cal pro­blems is our pas­si­on. For more than 4 years, we have been dealing with a par­ti­cu­lar chal­len­ge: we sim­pli­fy the fis­ca­li­za­ti­on of cash regis­ters, and thus make the busi­ness life of our custo­mers easier.

fiskaly’s phi­lo­so­phy

Our phi­lo­so­phy is to sim­pli­fy the strict and expen­si­ve requi­re­ments and busi­ness restric­tions impo­sed by law­ma­kers on elec­tro­nic cash regis­ter and record­ing sys­tems. We deve­lop modern solu­ti­ons to sup­port all com­pa­nies that use cash regis­ter sys­tems or bil­ling and accoun­ting pro­grams.

A suc­cess­ful story since 2015

fis­ka­ly is an Aus­tri­an com­pa­ny based in Vienna. Since 2015, tech­no­lo­gy and finan­ce experts have been working on simple and sustainab­le solu­ti­ons for the Regis­trier­kas­sen­si­che­rungs­ver­ord­nung (RKSV), the Aus­tri­an equi­va­lent of the Kas­sen­SichV. In Aus­tria, we were alrea­dy the first pro­vi­ders with a fully func­tio­n­al imple­men­ta­ti­on of RKSV at the begin­ning of 2016. Our pro­duct has won nume­rous inno­va­ti­on awards and is con­stant­ly being deve­lo­ped by our experts.

From 2018, we make our valu­able expe­ri­ence, gathe­red on the Aus­tri­an market, avail­ab­le for Ger­ma­ny as well. We have alrea­dy mas­si­ve­ly dealt with the dif­fe­rent requi­re­ments and have deve­lo­ped our own solu­ti­on for Ger­ma­ny. This per­fec­t­ly meets the requi­re­ments of para­graph § 146a AO, and is,however, uncom­pli­ca­ted. The­re­fo­re, it is fully ali­gned with our phi­lo­so­phy.

Our team

Johan­nes Ferner

… looks back on a career in IT con­sul­ting and ven­ture capi­tal. He plan­ned and imple­men­ted IT pro­jec­ts for well-known, partly listed com­pa­nies. As VC Invest­ment Mana­ger, he was respon­si­ble for invest­ment rounds in inter­na­tio­nal B2B and SaaS star­tups. Johan­nes has a strong mix of entre­pre­neu­ri­al and tech­no­lo­gy know-how.

Simon Tra­gatsch­nig

… has been working as a soft­ware deve­lo­per for over 15 years and has been an entre­pre­neur in this field for more than 5 years. During his rese­arch in soft­ware archi­tec­tures at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Vienna, he has published several papers on pro­cess-ori­en­ted work­flow sys­tems, event-based sys­tems and mode­ling. He is not only an expert in the tech­ni­cal field but also in the finan­ci­al sector and the legal requi­re­ments around the topic of fis­ca­li­za­ti­on.

Patrick Gau­batz

… com­ple­ted his doc­to­ra­te in busi­ness infor­ma­tics at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Vienna. As a uni­ver­si­ty assi­stant for soft­ware archi­tec­tures, he has published nume­rous publi­ca­ti­ons in spe­cia­list jour­nals. The topics access con­trol and web engi­nee­ring are his spe­cial­ties. As Head of Fis­ka­ly Deve­lop­ment, he is respon­si­ble for the con­ti­nuous deve­lop­ment of our soft­ware pro­duc­ts.

Flo­ri­an Bogdan

… also stu­di­ed bio­tech­no­lo­gy on his way to being a gra­dua­te in adver­ti­sing. His exten­si­ve expe­ri­ence in online mar­ke­ting & growth hacking and his spe­cial under­stan­ding of tech­no­lo­gy is in demand in several agen­ci­es and com­pa­nies. He scores with 360 degree online mar­ke­ting know­ledge and proves with his com­mit­ment that fis­ka­ly is on the right track.

Chris­toph Czepa

…is front and backend deve­lo­per at fis­ka­ly. He will com­ple­te his doc­to­ral stu­dies (com­pu­ter sci­ence) at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Vienna in 2019. In recent years, he has been invol­ved as a uni­ver­si­ty assi­stant in tea­ching as well as in indus­try-rela­ted rese­arch pro­jec­ts. During his sci­en­ti­fic career he has alrea­dy published nume­rous papers in spe­cia­list jour­nals and pre­sen­ted them at inter­na­tio­nal con­fe­ren­ces.

Bar­ba­ra Gin­zin­ger
Web­sites & SEO

…has been part of the team since 2017 and is mainly respon­si­ble for web­sites, con­tent and search engine opti­mi­za­ti­on (SEO). She stu­di­ed com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on sci­ence at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Salz­burg and search engine mar­ke­ting at the FH Salz­burg and has 10 years of expe­ri­ence in digi­tal mar­ke­ting, edi­t­ing and con­tent mar­ke­ting.

Ger­lin­de Kai­ne­der

… is cur­r­ent­ly stu­dy­ing bio­in­for­ma­tics and has her roots in paleo­bio­lo­gy. Before joi­ning our team, she worked in sales for a renow­ned com­pa­ny in trai­ler and trac­tor lea­sing. Her job is to bring our soft­ware and our custo­mers tog­e­ther. In other words, she’s there before, during, and after you decide or opt for us.

Phil­ipp Paul­we­ber

… is our spe­cia­list in embed­ded system and soft­ware deve­lop­ment. In addi­ti­on to the deve­lop­ment activi­ties for fis­ka­ly, he is also employ­ed in tea­ching and rese­arch as a uni­ver­si­ty assi­stant in the field of soft­ware archi­tec­tu­re at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Vienna. There he is cur­r­ent­ly working on his dis­ser­ta­ti­on. In addi­ti­on, he can also rely on a broad basic know­ledge from his HTL-for­ma­ti­on in mecha­ni­cal engi­nee­ring and auto­ma­ti­on tech­no­lo­gy. zurück­grei­fen.

Prizes & Awards

We are proud that we have alrea­dy been able to get various prizes and awards with our inno­va­ti­ve soft­ware solu­ti­ons. Among our prizes and awards:

  • T-Mobile Envi­ron­men­tal and Sustai­na­bi­li­ty Award 2018 (1st place)
  • Gewinn Jung­un­ter­neh­mer top 100 – 2018 (21st place)
  • 120 Sekun­den 2017, 1st place
  • IoT Stars 2018, 2nd place
  • Gewinn Jun­gun­ger­neh­mer Top 100 — 2017 (35th place)
  • Nach­hal­ti­ge Gestal­ter 2017
  • Listed on IÖB Inno­va­ti­on Plat­form
  • Nomi­na­ted for RIZ Genius 2018 (top 8)
  • Best Busi­ness 2017 (10th place in Möd­ling district)


  • FFG AT:net (2016 — 2018)
  • AWS impul­se XS (2017–2018)
  • AWS impul­se XL (2018.2)

Con­tact our team

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