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The time until the imple­men­ta­ti­on of the Kas­sen­si­che­rungs­ver­ord­nung (Kas­sen­SichV) is run­ning out. Here you will find all the infor­ma­ti­on about the new regu­la­ti­on, put tog­e­ther by experts in tech­no­lo­gy, retail and finan­ce.

The count­down is run­ning

Time is ticking for the com­pa­nies. The regu­la­ti­on app­lies from 1.1.2020. Until then, all cash regis­ter, bil­ling, secu­ri­ty and record­ing sys­tems must be con­ver­ted or upgraded with appro­pria­te mea­su­res.

With the cloud-based TSS (tech­ni­cal safety system) from fis­ka­ly, you will be ready for the new regu­la­ti­on.


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FAQs about Kas­sen­si­che­rungs­ver­ord­nung

The cash regis­ter secu­ri­ty regu­la­ti­on — Kas­sen­si­che­rungs­ver­ord­nung (Kas­sen­SichV) serves to pro­tect against mani­pu­la­ti­on of basic digi­tal records in com­pa­nies. It impo­ses the tech­ni­cal requi­re­ments for elec­tro­nic record­ing and secu­ri­ty sys­tems, such as POS sys­tems.

From 1.1.2020 cash regis­ters in Ger­ma­ny have to be pro­vi­ded with a tamper pro­tec­tion — a so-called tech­ni­cal safety system (TSS).The exact spe­ci­fi­ca­ti­ons for the tech­ni­cal safety system are defi­ned in the tech­ni­cal gui­de­li­ne BSI TR-03153 . Find out more about it from our blog arti­cle on the TSS.

The regu­la­ti­on ori­gi­na­tes from the § 146a AO (tax code), which stan­dar­di­zes the regu­la­ti­ons for the book­kee­ping and for the records with elec­tro­nic record­ing sys­tems. The Kas­sen­si­che­rungs­ver­ord­nung (Kas­sen­SichV) spe­ci­fies tog­e­ther with § 146a AO the requi­re­ments of the GoBD — the princi­ples of proper accoun­ting. It defi­nes the secu­ri­ty of digi­tal POS sys­tems and regu­la­tes:

  • Which elec­tro­nic record­ing sys­tems are inclu­ded in the Sec­tion 1 of the regu­la­ti­on.
  • When and how the log­ging has to be done
  • How to store the data
  • How the inter­faces should look like

It also inclu­des rules for the requi­re­ments for to-be-issued rece­ipts and the costs of the cer­ti­fi­ca­ti­on.

For each busi­ness case, the elec­tro­nic record­ing system must start a log­ging which records the fol­lo­wing data:

  • star­ting time of the pro­cess
  • a unique and sequen­ti­al tran­sac­tion number
  • Ope­ra­ti­on type
  • Data of the ope­ra­ti­on
  • pay­ment method
  • time of com­ple­ti­on or can­cel­la­ti­on
  • a test value
  • The serial number of the elec­tro­nic record­ing system or the serial number of the secu­ri­ty module.

Pro­vi­ders of cash regis­ters, point-of-sale sys­tems and soft­ware or record­ing sys­tems which record busi­ness cases (e.g., accoun­ting pro­grams and simi­lar) are direc­t­ly affec­ted by the Kas­sen­SichV. They must take action now and pre­pa­re their pro­duc­ts and sys­tems as soon as pos­si­ble for com­ply­ing with the new regu­la­ti­on.

In a broa­der sense, all entre­pre­neurs who work with these cash regis­ter and record­ing sys­tems are also affec­ted. They have to make sure that the sys­tems or soft­ware they use are really in com­pli­an­ce with the Kas­sen­SichV.

Accord­ing to BMF, a phy­si­cal iden­ti­ty of the secu­ri­ty module and sto­rage medium is not requi­red. This means that both cloud sto­rage and con­ven­tio­nal data car­ri­er (memory card or simi­lar) can be used for the TSS.

We recom­mend the up-to-date and future-proof option of sto­rage in the cloud. Find here more infor­ma­ti­on about the TSS solu­ti­on that fis­ka­ly offers.

About fis­ka­ly

Who is fis­ka­ly?

fis­ka­ly is a com­pa­ny spe­cia­li­zing in the fis­ca­li­za­ti­on of records. Tech and finan­ce experts have deve­lo­ped a cloud-based soft­ware solu­ti­on, by the means of which the Kas­sen­SichV can easily be imple­men­ted and inte­gra­ted into exis­ting sys­tems.

The soft­ware has alrea­dy inclu­ded the requi­red tech­ni­cal safety system (TSS) accord­ing to BSI TR-03153. Hig­hest secu­ri­ty stan­dards gua­ran­tee a care­free and strai­ght­for­ward solu­ti­on for the Kas­sen­SichV.

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